R E M E M B E R A N C E Photography


SOMETIMES…some families only get together once in a while and its often births deaths and marriages..

When Anila was asked to photograph a beloved grandmothers wake. She approached it with the utmost sensitivity possible. Knowing many members may not be there long and some may not be united for some time, it was imperative to her to capture those left their relationship and how they all came together for this event to capture a beautiful souls memory.

It was a beautiful and emotional event and she was very discrete but knew the memories she was capturing with all the members of the family together in one place would be a memory to hold forever.

Since the remembrance gathering, a few have already passed on, what she is very grateful for she captured some beautiful photos of those members that are now compiled into a remembrance photo book and given to the family. Anila is confident this will bring a lot of comfort to them.

The link to the book was made available for the whole family to re order no matter where in the world they were, they had a piece of the event, the memories with them. This quote by Don Mccullin is a perfect example of how Anila sees her photography. Its not just a picture its a feeling.