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Having had a few articles published in some local photography blogs, thought we would share the links here for you to peruse. The first with Hire a Camera whilst Anila approached photographing Birds of Prey for the first time.

The Societies of Photographers Open Advnate Garde 2018

The next publication was following a charity walk last June 2018 “summer Solstice” a dawn to dusk walk around the stunning Norfolk Coast. The money we raised went to the charity Photographers with Disabilities so they can continue doing what they love with up to date technology. I think you will agree it was a great cause.

The most recent publication is part of BeautyWorks Magazine where the them of the month was Dance. I think you will understand Anila has a passion for Ballet. My photos are featured in issue 7,8 and now 9

August issue 8 Publication with Beautyworks

Issue 7 -

issue 8 -

issue 9 -