When you have family aboard you don't often see much of the city as its all shopping centres and get togethers.

Having visited after 6 years i was fortunate enough to be taken everywhere by my lovely nice and nephew in turn they discovered a few places they had not been to or could not remember. 

Yes it was cold grey and a little miserable aside from one day we caught a spectacular sunset even though my fingers froze.

Its easy to get to and lots to see. The architecture in denmark is something else.  You can also visit malo which is only 30 mins via the bridge and the emporia shopping centre is rather spectacular. 

Will update more tomorrow


Well Lisbon was amazing lots seen and done - the rain was imminent however its such a gawjus city.

How a city can look so colourful in the rain is beyond me.  The stunning architecture the history the steep roads and sidewalks  and the stunning views over the city from so many vantage points was just simply stunning.

The people warm and friendly a city where time actually stood still for all of 5 days.  The kind of place you return from and feel as if you had been away ten days rather than just 5.

If you plan where you want to go well you will almost see everything.  Apart from the striking architecture, coloured houses, sloppy streets, you will find lots of stunning mosaic pavements - paved in marble the shapes and intricacy just stunning.

My advice if you go don't take any luggage buy everything there, its very economical warmer than London and only 2 hours away.  Im already planning to go back