Alicante in the Spring

Sometimes its always good to get away, sometimes we can't do long haul and its amazing what a few days away can do to the soul. 6 days in Spain was just perfect.

I ventured out to this part of Spain,  little town called costa Blanca also known as Benidorm.  Yes unfortunately it does live up to its name  its rowdy loud and there are lot of lager louts about, however having said that there is still so much charm about the the little town. Just make sure you pack the earplugs if you want an early night and your stay is Friday to Sunday night.

Aside from the good weather (the maximum temperature was 27 degrees). Yes I came back brown and very relaxed.  What I did discover this time round how easy it is to use their local transport system to venture out to the other cities.  Everything is within reasonably close proximity.

Firstly visiting the old town is a must, the quaint streets, the balcony filled buildings, the politeness of the Spanish people is very warming.  They are a little conservative, very strong in their faith and don't appreciate people walking down the shops in their bikinis, bear this in mind and cover up if your wondering around the town, often being told you won't be served without a shirt on, often offends. (Don't worry im not guilty of that)

The stunning Balcon del Mediterraneo is a popular spot which over looks the whole of Coast from one side to the other.  Fabulous at sunset, you will see from some of my photos the jagged edge of the cliff where the steps have been carved from has its own beauty.

From a short walk up the Levante Beach you come to Ave de Europa, from there nr the Pizza restaurant is the bus terminal, You can purchase most tickets for any trips from there.  I managed to venture in my favourite town of Alicante for a whole day, just keep an eye on the coach return times it took an hour door to door and cost a mere eight euros.  The coach was comfortable and the hour went very quickly. Unfortunately due to times i couldn't just stay for sunset.

Things to see in Alicante : MUST - Santa Barbara Castle,  Id never been read about it and i have to say wow.  the stone remains of the castle the palm trees the blue skies and the views - 360 degrees of Spain.  Took my breath away.  Very reasonably priced to go up and you can stay up there as long as you like.  Its kind of wheelchair friendly although with the grounds of the castle it may prove a little difficult.  There are slopes and steps in-between and various levels.  

Once your down from the castle take walk into the marina the beach and venture into the side streets, the buildings are very quaint with the balconies and intricate wrought iron details.  Don't forget the famous La Explanada De Alicante, walk the whole length enjoy the flooring the tiling is very unique and there are details at the bottom of the castle with a picture of its creator the Mayor Agatalangelo Soler 1954-1963.

Another trip I would highly recommend is to go to Guadalest (from Benidorm).  At the moment there is one bus that goes once a day it leaves at 1005 and returns into Benidorm at 1305.(journey time is approaching 40 mins each way. The tourist office will advise where to catch the bus from but from the balcone de Mediteraneo it's not far. Two hours is enough up there its very old and so absolutely beautiful the views are simply superb.  Nature is so overwhelming sometimes i think some of us just do not appreciate it.

Again from Benidorm, down load the bus bud app  you can book your coach tickets online, fairly straightforward.  Don't panic if it states the drop off point in say is the airport as before that they will always stop at the bus station, just make sure you have done your homework and planned where you want to go and what to do.  Please jump on a bus to the bus terminal in Benidorm unless your super fit and have ample time, i luckily had ample time but it was a good 45 min trek from where i was, part of it is along side a main road - it was 26 degrees at 1015am -  i would not recommend coming back alone at night that way.  Going to Valencia for the day was I have to say the highlight of my trip.  sometimes there are places you just want to go, and considering i knew there was a lot of superb architecture im so chuffed I went.

The Cathedral is a must as is the tower, check opening times, allow ample time for your day in Velencia you will need it, i was there for 11am and returned on the 2145 back and it was great. Once there download the app My Taxi - it very similar to uber. Quick and simple to use - and good if you want to wait for sunset but need to dash back to the bus station in time - remember the coach won't wait.  

Now ....a must is the city of sciences, ciutat de les arts i les ciencies if you start your day early you will gain entry to all the museums for a fee.  Part of it is up in scaffolding but not to worry there is so much to see.  Have a wonder take in the views venture into the museums.  Even after they are closed it seems to be a great place for families an friends to sit and enjoy the views.  Lots for the children to see and do and plenty of selfie fun for the adults, or like me architecture to photograph.  id say i think ive taken my best photos here.

I hope you found this review helpful any queries please drop me an email ill try and help.   As well as Calpe and Altea there are lots of towns to list even Barcelona, which is another world too.

Hoping now I can put in for my licentiate with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photography and catch a certificate or two for architecture. fingers crossed.

Happy travels Anila



Always wanted to visit and now i can finally cross this one off my list.

Great city immense history, a little like London and totally felt at home. Lots to see and do the most important for me was The Reichstag.  In fact this needs to be booked well in advance, and as i love architecture i knew i would adore this structure i booked two visits.  One for sunset and one for early morning in the bid to get it empty.

Brilliant building, a little military in passing through security and entering the building etc but obviously as its a government building its a must.  You must have your passport or some form of photo ID without that you cannot enter. You can roam at your leisure once inside go out on the balcony which shows off immense views over Berlin - loved every minute and we had a superb sunset.

Next is the Jewish Museum. Sad eery and so intense, i left feeling so sad i can't even tell you.  But its a must if you visit the city.  If you have a gold card (3 days travel pass) you do get a lot of discounts entering most sites so i would suggest getting one.  It acts like a hop on and hop off for all the transport.  Its your mini passport around the city and we used it from 6am through to gone midnight.  We must have walked in excess of  35 miles around the city the 4 days we were there.

There are may rooftops you an visit most bars have an external terrace and you can also attend the Park Inn for €4 and visit the top fab views.



When you have family aboard you don't often see much of the city as its all shopping centres and get togethers.

Having visited after 6 years i was fortunate enough to be taken everywhere by my lovely nice and nephew in turn they discovered a few places they had not been to or could not remember. 

Yes it was cold grey and a little miserable aside from one day we caught a spectacular sunset even though my fingers froze.

Its easy to get to and lots to see. The architecture in denmark is something else.  You can also visit malo which is only 30 mins via the bridge and the emporia shopping centre is rather spectacular. 

Will update more tomorrow