Sometimes we are better behind the camera than in front

Sometimes we are better behind the camera than in front

A Little about the photographer..

Anila Hussain is a London/Essex based photographer.  She is self taught and over the last few years have been undergoing various training/practical workshops.  She tells me she loves a challenge and she is on a quest to continually learn and attempt new challenges head on.  She absolutely adores taking photos.

She is easy going, has a passion for mastering her craft.  Moreover she values the special bond certain relationships have and endeavours to capture just those. The rekindled memory that warms the heart, kind of photos. They touch the soul.

She has worked with many people and more and more has helped people overcome their fear of having their “photo” taken. There is always a fun element to her photoshoots and it is to relax the client and capture their personality as much as possible.

New doors will open in 2019 and She cannot wait to do a few things differently, most of all keep enjoying capturing those moments.

Heres to an even more amazing year ahead.

Want to work with her, please get in touch.